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Subscribing to weekly delivered food boxes has long been a practice offered by farmers. By participating in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program through the purchase of a weekly food box subscription, you will be supporting local farmers and food security. This subscription allows the farmer to invest in what is important when it counts during the growing season.

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What We Offer

We offer certified organic produce (KOGS #64) delivered from our garden to your doorstep. We have a variety of CSA boxes to chooser from allowing you and your family to enjoy fresh organic local produce all year long.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): Why buy a food box? 

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) first took hold in the 1980s. A CSA box is a food box put together by a local farmer (or farmers) for weekly distribution to consumers. Today, CSA's continue to connect food producers and consumers, strengthening the local food system. A key piece of any CSA program is a yearly subscription where consumers pay upfront for their produce for the growing season's duration. By subscribing to a weekly CSA food box, the consumer directly supports the farmer's endeavors. Subscriptions also provide farmers with income in the months when cash flow is low from sales but start up expenses are high. Subscriptions also allow for streamlined planting. We will plant only the amount of produce sold through subscriptions, allowing minimal food waste. If you love eating fresh organic food and want to be part of the change towards a healthier, more robust local food system, then our CSA food box is for you!

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18 Weeks of Local Organic greens delivered to your doorstep! November - End of February