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Meat Sales

As animal lovers, we take great pride in raising meat for our community ethically and sustainably. We work hard to ensure our animals have the best care and great lives. Our animals are fed certified organic grains, grazed on green pastures, and individually loved and cared for. Most importantly, they enjoy fresh clean kootenay air, water, and sunshine.

To inquire about meat sales please email us at

Poultry: Western Rustic Chickens

A pasture grazed meat bird known for the quality of their meat. These birds take longer then conventional factory raised meat birds to develop their full size, but their taste is incomparable.



Pork: Tamworth Berkshire pigs

Heritage breed cross known for its exceptionally tasting meat with great fat marbling.



Lamb: Katahdin Dorper sheep

Known for their lean tender meat this hair sheep cross has become a staple on our farm.

Image by Sam Carter


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